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State of Florida "House Bill 13 Collective Bargaining" is currently moving through committee.   

This bill "Prohibits collective bargaining agreements that authorize or require public employer to compensate public employee or third party for employee organization activities or to provide compensated leave time for employee organization activities.

House Bill 13 Analysis

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Supervisory and Non-Supervisory contracts for the City of Gainesville and Gainesville Regional Utilities were ratified for 2019-2021. 

A wage article opener will take place for 2020 -2021 of the contract years remaining.

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  • Gainesville Housing Authority
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Every second Thursday of the month CWA 3170 holds a monthly meeting that is open to all active CWA members. 

Meeting doors open at 6pm and meeting generally starts around 6:30p. Directions to the CWA Meeting Hall can be found HERE.

Please come by and meet fellow CWA members, CWA officers/stewards, and learn how your local CWA 3170 is working hard for you.

Food and drinks provided.