Welcome to CWA 3170

Welcome to CWA 3170

Welcome to CWA 3170Welcome to CWA 3170Welcome to CWA 3170


The State of Florida is moving forward  with an Audit of the Management and

Operational Practices of the City of Gainesville.   

( Click here for details about this from Keith Perry  )

Five of the eight units in GRU’s generation fleet are over 38 years old. Each one of

these aging generating plants is fossil fuel burning and will ultimately be retired as part of the plan to reach 100% renewable power generation by 2045

( Click here for details )

CWA 3170


Our Goal

This site has been developed for the sole purpose of providing quick and efficient access to information for CWA Members.

Please check back frequently for updated NEWS affecting CWA and YOU!!!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact a steward or local officer.


CWA Prowdly Serves Employees Of

  • The City of Gainesville
  • Gainesville Regional Utilities
  • Gainesville Housing Authority
  • The Alachua County Library District



Every second Thursday of the month CWA 3170 holds a monthly meeting that is open to all active CWA members. 

Meeting doors open at 6pm and meeting generally starts around 6:30p. Directions to the CWA Meeting Hall can be found HERE.

Please come by and meet fellow CWA members, CWA officers/stewards, and learn how your local CWA 3170 is working hard for you.

Food and drinks provided.