CWA Membership

Member Benefits

Having Union representation is a great way to ensure the best working conditions for you and your co-workers.

With a Union, you have the legal right to bargain over your pay,  benefits, employment security, health and safety, and retirement, etc. 

A Union gives you the ability to negotiate over company policies that affect promotions, vacation time, sick leave, benefits, and many other aspects of your  job.  

Union members only Colonial Life, accident, cancer, critical illness, disability, and hospital confinement insurance.  Plus a $5,000 life insurance provided even after retirement for qualified members

Union members-only Legal Shield benefits available.  These benefits are how you can legally defend your job!

Without a Union --> You have NO voice and NO representation.
With a Union --> You have someone on YOUR SIDE fighting for YOU.

Member Dues

Membership dues are one hour of your current pay rate deducted each pay period. Dues are automatically withdrawn by the employer and  forwarded to the Union.

Dues cost waived for first month of membership.

How to Join

If you are looking to join CWA please contact a Union Officer or Steward.

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